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Give Your Team The Formula For Effective Sales Conversations That Cause People To Buy.

Our proven Sales Accelerator Program will help you:
  • Identify and eliminate sales blockers
  • Develop a customized learning path
  • Create new opportunities
  • Validate revenue growth on the path to hit sales targets

Anthony has worked with:

  • Next Air
  • SAP
  • Net Jets

Led By A 3-Time Best Selling Author And Keynote Speaker That Has Helped 321+ Companies Hit Their Sales Targets.

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Start Hitting Aggressive Sales Targets

The Sales Accelerator will teach you the methodologies and processes needed to get more new opportunities, close deals faster, and create pipeline projections with improved accuracy.

  • The exact approach that improves mindset, skill sets, and builds a culture of accountability.
  • Unique resources for your sales reps to learn and fulfill their job responsibilities
  • Anthony Iannarino's best concepts and tactics to elevate your results and win more deals


increase in revenue


increase in pipeline


increase in average deal size

What Is The Sales Accelerator For Sales Teams?

Accelerator is a customized learning path designed to provide proven training that takes your team on a path towards hitting agressive sales targets. Click the links below to learn more about the course curriculum.

holding sales success



Provides a process for
standing up, leading, and
managing a high-performing
sales organization.

fundamentals of sales management


Fundamentals Of Sales Management

The Fundamentals of Sales
Management builds accountability
and improves your leadership and
management skills.

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Effective Sales Meetings

Reinforces the Sales Accelerator training to ensure that new beliefs are being socialized, new actions taken, and new results generated.

A Program Designed To Develop True Sales Leaders

This in-depth Sales training program will help you become a top Sales Manager and help you create a team of all-star sales reps. The skills you gain will benefit you and your team for years to come.

You’ll learn how to simplify and create a repeatable, predictable, measurable sales model.

This program will teach you the methodology, tools, and the mindset needed to become a successful Sales Manager – and stand up a high-performance sales organization.

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Learn A Systematic, Repeatable Process For Exceeding Your Sales Target

Using this program, you will train, coach, and develop your entire sales team. You will gain access to the content, methodologies, and processes to make transformational change.

You will provide yourself and your team a competitive advantage, a renewed sense of purpose, and greater accountability.

Access Unique Content You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Accelerator for Teams is developed and run by renowned writer, author, speaker, and thought leader, Anthony Iannarino.

There are hundreds of people who have contributed something meaningful to our understanding of professional B2B sales, but few have contributed as much over the last decade.

Anthony has dedicated close to three decades to studying success in sales, sales management, and sales leadership. He’s spent an even greater amount of time studying the behavioral characteristics of successful people, as well as productivity and time management.

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Designed To Build Elite Sales Teams With Over 30 Hours Of Training

Below is our comprehensive curriculum outline with over 30 hours of courses — and new content added regularly!



Every sales force must have a sales process. Cadence provides a process for standing up, leading, and managing a high-performing sales organization. If you want an operational cadence, a culture of accountability, and a commitment to coaching, Cadence will provide that and more.

Coaching Overview

The course provides an overview of why we coach, the benefits to the salesperson, and how to make time to coach.

Coaching Approaches

Always be coaching. In this course we’ll take a look at the scheduled and impromptu coaching opportunities you have each week and break down some sample language that you can use to transform your team’s results.

Coaching Territories & Accounts

Are your resources deployed in the most efficient way? Are there any gaps in your territory left uncovered? Learn to maximize new opportunities with new and existing clients by coaching territories and accounts.

Coaching Pipelines

Always be opportunity-rich and never opportunity starved. In this course, you’ll learn how to know if your pipeline is broken, what to do if it is, and how to ensure you always have enough new opportunities.

Coaching Opportunities

Most sales managers are good at coaching opportunities, and this course will give them new choices and greater focus.

Coaching Sales Calls

Deals are won and lost in sales calls. When a call is with a high value, high visibility must win clients, coaching improves your odds of success.

Coaching Time Management

Too many salespeople (and too many sales managers) waste time, even though time is our single finite, non-renewable resource. Ensure you achieve your most important, strategic goals by learning how to coach time management.

Coaching Performance

You can’t see your own blind spots, and neither can your salespeople. Coaching performance ensures that every segment of your sales force, from the top 20% to the bottom 20%, turns in their very best results.

Coaching A-Players

A-Players are often neglected when it comes to development. These coaching strategies respect their abilities while helping them reach their full potential.

Coaching B-Players

B-Players, when coached well, are capable of improving their overall results and moving the numbers. This course provides guidance on improving the 60% in the middle.

Coaching C-Players

Even though they are the most difficult to coach, you have to provide them with a fair shot to succeed. This plan will give you the best shot at succeeding to move C-Players up a notch.

Putting Everyone On A Plan

Every salesperson should be working on getting better. Without assessing them, you neglect to give them what they need.


Fundamentals Of Sales Management

The best sales managers worked under a great sales manager. They also learned a lot of lessons the hard way. The Fundamentals of Sales Management prevents mistakes and improves your leadership and management skills.

How To Hire Champions

Starting with good hires speeds your results and begins the process of building a high performance sales organization. This course is a practical way to select candidates.

Interview Questions

These interview questions will help you determine whether a potential candidate is going to sell effectively once hired.

Establishing A Hunter Culture

Many sales organizations fail because they create too few opportunities. This course and the strategies within will begin to turn that around.

Designing and Managing Territories

This course outlines the choices of territory design, and gives guidance about how to decide which one might be the best choice.


52 Weeks Of Sales Management

Sales managers complain that they don’t have time to plan effective sales meetings. Not to worry! We have built their weekly meetings for them. This is where we reinforce the Sales Accelerator training and ensure that new beliefs are being socialized, new actions taken, and new results generated.

Weeks 1-13
  1. Reviewing Your Pipeline For Missing Commitments
  2. Becoming a 52% SME
  3. Quota Workshop
  4. Establishing Weekly and Monthly Disciplines
  5. Developing a Team Mindset
  6. How We Win. How We Lose.
  7. Solving Sales Challenges
  8. Pursuit Plans
  9. Establishing Quarterly Goals & Initiatives
  10. Start of Year Kickoff
  11. Self Assesment on the 9 Mindset Attributes
  12. ... and more


Weeks 14-26
  1. Identifying Your Dream Clients
  2. Developing Content for Your Nurture Campaign
  3. Making an Effective Cold Call
  4. Top 3 Objections to a Meeting
  5. Developing a Prospect List and Planning Research
  6. Weekly Planning Meeting
  7. Establishing Communication Procedures and Practices
  8. Operational Execution Problems
  9. ... and more
More Weeks Coming Soon!

Plus: Monthly Training Session LIVE With Anthony.

You will be invited to participate in a twice-monthly group training session where you will receive live coaching and Q&A with Anthony Iannarino to help you:

  • Identify core issues
  • Get a customized guided learning path with measurable milestones
  • Implement the Sales Accelerator strategies on your team
  • Crush your sales targets



"Thanks to the Sales Accelerator my sales team has the resources to learn and fulfill their job responsibilities. It has been the best investment we have ever made."

Kim Mayfield

Sales Leadership, Techquidation

"The Sales Accelerator is a powerful tool that has had a positive impact on my sales team and sales culture from day one. Our team is able to deal with objections and has had a direct positive impact on our revenue."

Mike Yerigan

VP Sales, Slang Worldwide

"Of all the sales training courses I’ve ever taken, I find Anthony's videos to be the easiest to digest. I love knowing I will walk away with something actionable from each session. Keep up the great work. Thanks!"

Jeremy Davis

Sales Executive, Domain Computer Services

"I finished the quarter ranking #3 in the US, and pulled off a great win right at the last minute to help make it happen. The deal that I closed was the one that had gone dark on me that I got back in touch with using Anthony’s training."

Adam Sala

Sales Executive, SAP Concur

"I highly recommend this sales training platform. Bringing Sales Accelerator into my sales organization has allowed me to level-up several reps, improve sales engagement, and improve our conversion ratios."

Rich Nigro

VP Sales, Scylla DB

"Because of Anthony's coaching and his books, I've produced a 39% strike rate on securing an appointment with a prospect when I'm able to have a live phone call with them."

Michael Kelly

Director, MK Leadership Communication Training

"I am subscribed to the Sales Accelerator's Individual courses salesperson and the advice and techniques taught helped me win a deal at almost 2.5 times the industry profitability and all on my terms!"

Khurram Zaidi

NBD Leader, Larsen & Toubro Infotech

"To say that you have helped me sell better is to miss the real impact you have had on my career and life. This led to me landing a dream role at my dream company, where I've received the Rising Star Award!"

Carl Ferreira

Director of Sales, Refine Labs

"I LOVE Anthony's Sales Accelerator program, it's helped tremendously and it's already paying off! I sent an email with your messaging around executive briefings and the VP responded! Our meeting is tomorrow! Thank YOU!"

Brenda Riggs

Director, Speridian Technologies

How To Get Started?


Book A Sales Strategy Session Below

We’ll help you Identify your
core issues & sales


Customize A Development Path For Your Team

You’ll get a detailed plan with
measurable milestones for your


Measure & Monitor

- 30 Days: Conf & Comp

- 60 Days: New Opportunities Opened

- 2-3 Qtrs: Validate REVENUE GROWTH (on path to hitting aggressive sales targets)



Book a sales strategy session to learn how our proven Sales Accelerator Program can help you:

  • Eliminate fear and friction from sales
  • Build a team of top-performers
  • Crush your sales targets

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