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Sales Manager

Built for sales managers: Identify your sales blockers with assessments and work 1-on-1 with a sales strategy expert to improve your sales team's performance.

Enrolling in this challenge is FREE, whether you work with us or not.

Ready to solve your sales problems? 

What's inside the Sales Manager Challenge?
Here’s How It Works


Book a time to receive your
FREE 45-minute
Pipeline Training.


After booking your time, you'll receive
your Sales Leadership and
Sales Tools Assessments links.


After your pipeline training,
you'll get a FREE Strategy Session
to discuss plan steps with your team.
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Start the Challenge:

We'll begin with Pipeline Training

In our 45-minute meeting, we'll find the root cause of your sales team's blockers.

We'll provide you with:

  • Best practice strategies to move your team in the right direction
  • Key strategies to lead pipeline meetings
  • An easy-to-follow template for pipeline meetings

For Sales Managers Only.

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What's next?

Strategy Session Followup

After your Pipeline Training, we will have a 45-minute Sales Strategy Session where we discuss:

  • What changes you can make now to hit your aggressive sales targets
  • Coach you through any questions or challenges that came up in your pipeline meeting and assessments
  • Helping your team change the conversation so you can win commitments & next steps


increase in revenue


increase in pipeline


increase in average deal size

Anthony has worked with:

  • Next Air
  • SAP
  • Net Jets
Anthony Iannarino speaker author trainer and coach

how we help sales teams win

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